Benefits of Using Insulated Panels for Construction Projects

Benefits of Using Insulated Panel for Construction Projects

In recent years, the trend of using insulated panels in many countries to serve construction projects such as clean rooms, warehouses, office buildings, laboratories, prefabricated houses, cold storage facilities, pharmaceutical warehouses, civil constructions, etc., has been increasingly developing and is a revolutionary solution in the construction industry. However, in Vietnam, the trend of using insulated panels is still unfamiliar to many customer groups. Instead, many customers still opt for traditional materials rather than choosing insulated panel products for construction purposes. There are many reasons to consider before choosing traditional building materials or opting for insulated panels, such as cost, installation time, safety, and quality.

Therefore, this article will help you understand and provide important reasons why you should choose insulated panels in the construction of industrial and civil projects instead of traditional building materials, due to the benefits they bring.

Reason 1: Fast Construction Schedule and Cost Savings

The construction schedule is always a challenge for any manufacturer, and building a fixed structure always requires a significant amount of time. Additionally, weather conditions can lead to extended delays, affecting warehouse, clean room, etc., constructions when opting for traditional methods. Therefore, choosing insulated panels brings time benefits, reducing installation time and significantly saving costs for labor and specialized equipment rental.

Insulated panels are designed for flexibility, being pre-fabricated products, making construction easy and quick due to their interlocking structure.

Considering today’s construction service market, working time plays a crucial role in cost optimization. The faster the structure is completed, the less we spend on construction services, which have significantly increased in recent years. A swift completion process also means earlier occupancy, improving return on investment for business projects.

Reason 2: Lightweight

With their sturdy, durable nature, and notably lightweight, insulated panels are easily transported and installed on frames quickly and conveniently. Their light weight allows construction companies to save on labor and heavy lifting equipment costs. Most insulated panels have a density of about 10-14 kg/m2, reducing the need for large-scale lifting equipment, thereby cutting construction costs.

Reason 3: Superior Insulation and Heat Resistance

With excellent insulation capabilities, insulated panels with a thermal transmission coefficient of approximately 0.020-0.025 W/m.K (polyurethane) ensure consistent insulation. Compared to concrete traditionally used in warehouse construction with a thermal transmission coefficient of 1.7 W/m.K, higher insulation values are maintained.

With superior insulation capabilities compared to traditional materials, insulated panels maintain comfortable temperatures inside warehouses, ensuring a pleasant environment for employees.

Reason 4: Environmentally Friendly

Environmental concerns are always important, and choosing a high-quality product that meets green environmental protection standards without pollution is crucial. Opting for insulated panels for residential and warehouse constructions ensures they don’t contain CFCs and HCFCs, substances that heavily impact and contribute to ozone depletion in the atmosphere, thereby explaining that insulated panels have no negative impact on the Earth’s ozone layer and do not contribute to the greenhouse effect.


Overall, the characteristic benefits of insulated panels have been outlined, along with some additional ones, including:

  • Low thermal transmission coefficient (0.022 W/(m*K))
  • Low density (40-43 kg/m3)
  • Excellent fire resistance, Foam flame retardant: Class B2 (DIN 4102)
  • Good soundproofing and insulation
  • Environmentally friendly (Does not contain CFC & HCFC)
  • High durability, robustness, and longevity
  • Low construction costs
  • Easy installation
  • Weather resistance
  • Easy external cleaning
  • Waterproof
  • Good load-bearing capacity
  • High aesthetic appeal

In conclusion, there are many excellent reasons to choose insulated panels when constructing any project. Important benefits such as environmental safety, alongside other reasons like cost savings, good soundproofing, insulation, and easy installation for each project.

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